ZMC through its staff and network of associates can provide the complete service from deposit development drilling through to assessment of project feasibility. Services include:

  • Data analysis
  • Geostatistical analysis including optimal drill spacing and bench height studies via conditional simulation
  • Resource modeling and estimation
  • Reserve estimation
  • Geological modeling
  • Geotechnical modeling
  • Technical reviews and audits of resource estimates
  • Review and implementation of ore control for optimal ore routing decisions
  • Review and implementation of processes for model to ore control and to mill variance tracking (reconciliation)
  • Review and implementation of mine geology practices and on-site processes
  • Optimizing near mine exploration and development programs
  • Mine-to-Mill optimization (modeling of hardness, deleterious elements, concentrate grade)
  • Competent Person Reports required for public reporting in Australia, for a wide range of commodities
  • Independent expert reports
  • Resource development drill program implementation and management
  • Training custom designed to client needs in: